Mobile Home Makeover / Roof Over

You can do a mobile home roof over/ mobile home makeover, and live in a beautiful space for a fraction of traditional home prices. Whether you’re looking to transform dull, weathered siding, reduce raindrop racket or reinforce the life of your roof, M. Daigle and Sons has the expertise to cost-effectively upgrade your mobile home.

Our mobile home and roof over services focus on decreasing your maintenance requirements and improving your energy savings. What are the noticeable results?

  • You’ll have improved seals and fewer home roof over in Jacksonville FL
  • You’ll have thicker and tough materials that resist punctures and abrasions.
  • You’ll have an exterior with a longer lifespan, protected from sun degradation.
  • You’ll have resistant, light-colored surfaces that reduce energy costs.

How Can Mobile Home Makeovers Help?

With a variety of colors and high-integrity sealants, M. Daigle and Sons’ siding solutions improve the look of your mobile home. The upgrades withstand Florida’s heat and rainfall and are guaranteed to save you money on your energy bill.

We specialize in custom roof overs for your mobile home roof. M. Daigle and Sons’ roof over can be added to any structurally sound unit, whether the roof is flat, domed or pitched. The new roof thickness and overhang will improve heating and cooling costs and conserve the exterior appearance.

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