Patio Covers and Carport Roofs

Your yard, patio, and driveway are all extensions of your home. You and your family likely spend much time enjoying the beautiful weather that Florida has to offer. But what do you do when the summer sun gets too hot—or perhaps when those afternoon thunderstorms hit? You do not have to move back indoors if you have proper coverage for your outdoor areas. Learn more about how M. Daigle and Sons can help you through the addition of patio covers and carports.

What are Patio Covers?

Patio covers are a simple way to bring style and function to your outdoor living space. These covers shade the patio are from sun and rain and give your home a unique appearance too.

What are Carports?

Carports are an excellent way to keep your car protected from the sun and from weather concerns like hail (which can hit unexpectedly). Today’s carports are designed not only to be functional, but attractive too.

While there are many companies that install patio covers and carports, if you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area, M. Daigle and Sons is your best option. With years of experience and a team of experts who are unmatched in their field, M. Daigle and Sons offers custom patio cover designs, detached and attached patios and builds carports from the ground up. We also work with existing patio or carport—such as adding carport roofs, carport covers, or carport roof panels to add beauty and durability.

The Benefits of Custom Patio Covers and Carports

Shield your cars and your family from the hot Florida sun with custom patio covers and carports that:carport covers in jacksonville fl

  • Lower the temperature of your outdoor areas
  • Protect valuables from rain, hail and sun
  • Give your home a personal, custom touch

Protect your outdoor furniture and cars from the elements with a structure that fits your needs. At M. Daigle and Sons, we use quality engineered materials, such as composite roofs, so your patio and carport are heavy duty and withstand weather conditions. Our patios and carports are built with a 15-year warranty—one of the best warranties available in the business.

As you can see, we are very excited about our patio cover and carport options. We would love to give your home a makeover with the addition of one of these elements. Contact us or call to speak to one of our talented designers today to discuss ideas for your home at 904-513-1907.