Siding Installation

We help you make a good first impression…that lasts. M. Daigle and Sons’ siding installation is the best return on your investment. You’ll find instant appeal and long-term protection you can count on with materials that:

  • Require low maintenance
  • Have lasting durability
  • Boost curb appeal and add home value
  • Help you protect your biggest asset – your home.

Siding is one of the best ways to improve the look and value of your home. Using the industry’s top-grade siding solutions, M. Daigle and Sons installs custom Royal Woodland siding, with 046 gauge thickness, capacity for 240mph wind loads, few seams and lifetime transferable warranty.

We take all necessary steps to prep your home before siding installation, repairing rotted wood, obtaining proper building inspections and painting the foundation of the house for color consistency.

With years of experience working with Hardie products – giving us a distinct advantage over other companies in the Jacksonville, Florida area -we offer installation, repair and maintenance of all Hardie plank products. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, we know the community and are willing to work towards improving the look and life of all homes in the area.

Below are the Hardie products offered by M. Daigle & Sons:Jacksonville FL siding installation

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Siding Installation Frequently Asked Questions

We can place all types of siding on any home or business. In many cases in the Jacksonville area there is a lot of older ranch style homes that become made with block that make your home look older and cheap. We have covered many of these with vinyl or stucco siding giving a much newer look. Most customers like the thought of almost maintenance free home and the beautiful appearance of siding.

We also offer Hardie Board and NichiBoard (Green Product). Both boards become made of fiber cement, have a lifetime guarantee, and various wood look patterns for you to choose from. Since this is not wood it does not rot or is subject to bug infestation. This is a paintable product so you can change the color anytime you want.

We recommend to our customers to drive around your neighborhood and get a feel for some ideas of what color or accents you may want. Keep in mind that today there are many color selections available. You may choose to mix-in or stand-out in your neighborhood.

If your home was built before 1960 you have little or no insulation. If your home becomes built before 1990 you have no vapor barrier. In either case adding additional insulation can save you money on heating and cooling bills. It also quiets your home from outside noises.

No, all rotten wood should become replaced, and in some counties a building inspection may be required. Rotten wood is normally caused by water damage from worn paint allowing water penetration or lack of gutters and downspouts where needed. Rotten wood invites bug infestation. View this page to know more about gutters and downspouts.

It is still very important to protect your investment. Therefore, we have painted several homes in the Jacksonville area. We ensure old paint chips are power washed away, any rotten wood becomes replaced, cracks are sealed, and you have the color match you want before we paint.

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