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When you’re renovating your backyard or adding a new modification to your Lake City home, many things go through your mind. Aside from adding some appeal to your home, there are several functional advantages at play here. Hosting parties, enjoying the weather, and relaxing from a long work day would prove to be a little difficult with bugs, direct sun exposure, and more.

The Advantages of Screen Enclosures

Optimum Protection – Living in most tropical climate areas brings about pesky flies and mosquitos into your living spaces, including pools, dining areas, and any more outdoor activities. Aside from that, the screen provides a level of shade that you would otherwise not have from the sweltering sun, saving your skin from sun spots, damage, and sunburn.

Safety – When it’s time to enjoy the beautiful weather that Florida has to offer, going outside with family can present a ton of safety issues. This is especially the case if you have small children or pets that may not know well enough to stay within your back yard. A screen enclosure still provides an enjoyable space to enjoy nature without the worry of walking out of sight.

Something for Everyone – With M. Daigle and Sons, we offer more than one option for our Lake City clients to choose from when they decide it’s time to renovate their home. We provide a wide selection of choices for our clients including sunrooms, screen, and patio enclosures, patio covers, and more.

M. Daigle and Sons

Our team strives to provide solutions for customers to enjoy their homes without having to endure extreme conditions. Our success in this industry is attributed to providing solutions for many clients in Lake City and the surrounding areas. With our combined passion and hard work, our projects are thoroughly planned and executed to your liking. Instead of bathing yourself in mosquito spray, or burning candles with a strong aroma, screen enclosures are a safe, long-term solution to those issues. For more information on the services we provide, give us a call at (904) 513-1907.

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