What is a Replacement Window and Which One is Right for Me?

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What is a Replacement Window and Which One is Right for Me?

Posted on: November 13th, 2018 by M. Daigle & Sons

The weather in Florida can take a toll on the windows on our homes. For that reason, replacement windows are a great option, allowing you to use the surrounding framework from the original window without having to construct a brand-new one. Give your old window panes a makeover with something new that works for multiple areas within your home.

Different Types of Windows:

Sliding Windows – Most commonly available in 2 or 3-panel arrangements, sliding windows offer fixed windows and one or two movable panes. The most beneficial part of these windows is the panorama view you have of nature outside the window. They are extremely easy to clean because the panes slide from side to side and can be popped out to wash the framing thoroughly. With a minimal amount of moving parts, maintenance is quite easy.

Casement Windows – This type of window offers effective ventilation because they open externally, allowing fresh air to flow inside. With the hinges located on the left and right side of the window, the breeze flows through beautifully for natural airflow in the home. Because they can only be opened from the inside, they’re very secure.

Awning – Like casement windows, awning windows open outward, but they have hinges solely located at the top of the window. These types of windows are great for people who want to let natural light and airflow into their bathroom or closet areas while maintaining privacy. This window is excellent for the Florida weather because even when it rains, you can leave your window open allowing air in and keeping water out.

Double Hung – As one of the more common replacement windows, double hung windows have an upper and lower sash that slide up and down for proper ventilation. They work well in houses of any size because they are comfortable to handle and clean, even in second-story homes.

M. Daigle & Sons

Replacement windows are a great option when your current windows are in need of an upgrade. M. Daigle & Sons knows that replacement windows are an alternative way to reduce energy bills, increase the natural airflow in your home, and be aesthetically pleasing without the costly expenses. Give us a call today at (904) 513-1907 for more information.