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florida screen enclosure Summer is around the corner and for anyone living in Florida; you know that means the Florida heat wave is on its way. If you want to enjoy the summer but still keep cool and keep mosquitoes away, why not consider a Florida screen enclosure for your home. Screen Enclosures or screened porches are just perfect for shade, a cleaner home and an excellent way to enjoy your summer without the burn of the sun. These enclosures can be used for your pool and patio as well, which means upgrading your house so your family, pets, and friends can enjoy your home.

The Benefits of Screen Enclosures

Screened porches, especially over a pool are beneficial in terms that your backyard will be much cleaner or at a minimum, easier to clean. You won’t have to worry about debris that flies into your pool or onto your patio. Leaves, bugs or even curious animals won’t wander into your yard or end up in your pool. That also means that your pets won’t wander too far away because they will stay in within that enclosure. That is so much safer for your pet, and a safe pet is a happy pet.

Your curious pet won’t go sniffing into random bushes or meet strange animals that might potentially harm them. Pets are also less likely to get attacked by bees or other insects that may trigger an allergic reaction.Jacksonville FL screen enclosures

Screened patios are also a great way for little children to enjoy the outdoors in a safe way. Children can still benefit from the sun without having the sun directly on their skin. That can potentially reduce painful sunburn incidents. Children love being outdoors and with a screen enclosure, they can be outside for a longer period of time and still be safer. Curious children won’t run into dangerous insects that may bite them. Worse, trigger an allergic reaction that can sometimes be so severe that children have to go to the hospital. Screen enclosures make it so much easier to keep an eye on your children as they play because they can stay in one place and enjoy themselves rather than running wildly in the streets or your backyard.

Daigle & Sons: Your Screened Porch Contractor

screen porches in Jacksonville FLDaigle & Sons is a family construction service that has certified staff that is dedicated to providing quality with exceptional home improvement service. Their gallery of beautiful projects is a testament to their work and the sort of excellence they aim for with each project.

Your new screened porch or screened enclosure is also more affordable than you think. M. Daigle & Sons specializes in home improvement, and their remodeling service can be as low as 0% down interest for 12 months. This way you can enjoy your living space all year round with your family and your friends.

Calling M. Daigle & Sons is the best choice you can do for your home. They combine quality work with their passion for customer service to build safe, durable additions to your home. They have over 30 years of experience with raving reviews from prior clients who left shining reviews about the M. Daigle & Son service.

Come see what all the fuss is about and call M. Daigle & Sons to help upgrade your house and help you enjoy your property even more than you do now.

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