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Shingle, Lap, Soffit Siding on Homes

Posted on: December 8th, 2018 by M. Daigle & Sons

Siding is one of the first lines of defense of your home against extreme weather conditions or pest attack. This is why the siding materials must be of high quality, durable, properly installed, and well maintained. There are plenty of siding options available in the markets which are time-tested, aesthetically beautiful, and unique as well including wood, brick, stainless steel, premium caulking, stucco for walls; cedar, soffit, shingle and lap siding are a few to mention.

Different Types of Siding For Your Home


The soffit is any finishing material, such as cedar, wood, cement or fiber that is applied to cover the underside of your roof overhang.

Soffit siding is a choice of many people in the US, and there are many reasons behind it. The first and foremost reason to install a soffit on your home is for ventilation. Soffit siding is specially designed to provide much-needed airflow to the attic for proper aeration and help control the moisture and dampness. It covers the underside of your roof, and therefore a portion of your attic space. Soffit Siding with unique and quality design can complete the look of your home. It is located along the exterior sides and overhangs; soffit siding can complement the architectural profile of your home.

Soffits provide a finished appearance for your exterior and come in a range of colors and materials, as well as a few styles, including smooth and wood-grain finishes. It’s common to invest in a soffit that matches or coordinates with the rest of your exterior appearance, to help give your home a cohesive, unique and polished look.
one of the Different Types of Siding For Your Home


Shingle siding (also referred to as shake siding) can add more to the beauty of any style home, anywhere. It is often used to enhance a home’s architectural features and embody classic beauty and appealing style. Shingle siding is constructed out of fiber cement. It is attractive, unique in design and can add appeal to your home. It provides resistant against fire and moisture resistant. We offer shingle siding in a variety of colors and styles to match your neighborhood or personal tastes.


Lap siding can give your home virtually a new and unique look which appeals to everyone, whether it is a traditional, classy, subtle or modern appearance. Our expert crews can also install Lap siding, and it just looks like wood clapboard, shingles, and cedar shakes. Interestingly enough, it does not decay or rot due to the attack of pests or insects and can be used in areas that have high-humidity or moisture such as along coastal lines.

M. Daigle & Sons

Whatever choice you make, our team is prepared to give you the siding options that work best for your home and style. Jacksonville residential homes that need an extra pick-me-up can get it with the help of M. Daigle & Sons. Our siding options are provided by Hardie products to offer our customers the highest-quality products possible.