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10 Tips to Design your Sunroom

Posted on: July 31st, 2015 by M. Daigle & Sons

Homeowners all over Jacksonville are getting sunrooms constructed within or as an extension to their houses. These rooms enhance the comfort as well as the aesthetics of a home. If you are also planning a sunroom in your home, here are some tips that will help you design the perfect addition.

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  1. Determine the location and size of your sunroom and determine the best a place that will give you a spectacular view. Arrange the space depending on your needs. The sunroom should look and feel spacious.
  2. Depending on the amount of lighting you desire, choose between solid and glass roof options to cover your screen room. You may also add glass walls to brighten up the room. Pick the one that will offer comfort in all seasons.
  3. When selecting furniture for your sunroom, ensure it is built for the outdoors so that it will endure moisture, wind and temperature fluctuations. Wicker furniture may be best-suited.
  4. Choose a color that will suit the backdrop of your house. Make the room appear colorful and attractive by using bright and lively colors. Adding colors to your sunroom enhances its appearance. Alternatively, you may also use white to boost the effect of sunlight.
  5. Mix various patterns and colors into your furniture. Use multi-colored fabric for cushion covers and place a brightly colored rug on the floor to make your sunroom inviting.
  6. To create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, many homeowners will also install music systems in their sunrooms in Jacksonville, FL. String lighting often glorifies the room, pulling the family in during the evenings.
  7. You can decorate your walls with various fixtures in addition to your sofa or other furniture in order to complement your screen rooms in Jacksonville. Alternatively, you may also add shelves to support showpieces. You can also hang a painting or picture to add to the visual aesthetics of your room.
  8. Divide your sunroom into zones. Separate the living space from the dining space. The best way to do this is to either establish the zones along the border or divide the room into halves.
  9. Add a solid wallpaper design on one side and a textured design on the other to create a more visually appealing atmosphere. Floral designs are most popular for screen rooms in Jacksonville, FL.
  10. Use mirrors in your screen room. They will brighten the room by reflecting the light and will also help to remove shadows. These mirrors also help to create a more spacious appearance.

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